How to Avoid Arguments

Loving and Passionate Relationships! Avoiding Arguments.  

If you as an individual follow the these recommendations you can avoid the pitfalls that cause so much pain, separation and broken lives! 

The bottom line is that great relationships don’t just happen, they must be built consciously and worked on for life!

If you’re not consciously aware of yourself and your relationship it will be like a leaf on the wind, who knows where it will end up? 

When it does end you’ll catch yourself saying things like, “we grew apart”, or “we have different paths now” or “are journey has ended”, or any number of other mystified and unaware banal platitudes. 

If there was ever a true bond, an important connection and true love it must be nurtured to last and to grow. 

Why do couples argue? 

 We argue to be right, for control, to make the other as we want or need them to be, or when we can’t accept responsibility or accept ourselves. 

We argue when we are not putting our loves needs before our own! 

 Never look to anyone as your primary source of happiness, security, purpose, or validation. 

Be responsible for yourself so you can add to the relationship. 

Have your own interests and achieve yourself.  No developed Self no relationship possible!

Do not sacrifice your own self, your best self enhances the relationship, so develop your own skills and your self confidence will flourish! 

The importance of forgiveness and to not to hold on to resentments can not be overstated! Forgiveness is mandatory for growth and love. 

Resentments poison your soul and ultimately the relationship! 

Don’t bury things because you’re actually planting seeds that will grow into eggshells that can explode if accidentally walked upon! 

Discuss and resolve issues lest they derail you in the future. 

Be Vulnerable! Opening yourself up may seem to be the scariest thing ever but trust me there is a prize of great value when we summon the courage to do so!  

When you more honestly reveal yourself you mate can see you, have compassion for you, accept you deeper and love you more profoundly! 

 Love is reciprocal. Give it and receive it, this keeps it flowing. Give love often and never withhold any kindness nor reject any kindness. No relationship management techniques or marriage counselors are required if you keep this cycle flowing! It is reinforcing and the habit of love is a great habit to acquire!

Romantic relationships must have two self aware and self confident people to last and flourish. 

Be responsible for your own development and foster an accepting environment where you and your mate can grow without the fear of being judged for trying! 

Grow together! Don’t fall into the trap of becoming a Married Single! 

Deliberately find activities that you both enjoy doing together. The more interactive and engaging the activity the better. This strengthens your bond and the more passion you both have for this the stronger your bond becomes!

Wisely choose your battles! If it connects good, if it separates bad!

Maintain your passion and desire for each other by actively distancing yourself regularly. 

Notice the things that attracted you from the very beginning, the smile, the humor, the confidence, the charm, the charisma! The demands of life can tend to dampen the flames of our desire for each other in the bedroom, when this fades too much so does your love. 

The power of building walls. Very destructive! Tear them down! Become an expert at demolishing not a skilled builder! Walls block connection, vulnerability opens connection. 

Beliefs can empower you or destroy you. Your critical thinking prowess must continually be refined. Love is understanding your mate, how they see the world, what they need to feel love! 

The ego is subtle yet so Powerful when we give it reign to control our minds. It sees only what it wants to. Egos separate and never truly connect or communicate. Egos battle for control! 

Never try to control!, for the effects of trying to control lead to separation!

Love can only flourish with acceptance and seeing the best in the other. 

Accept your mate completely worts and all!

You can lead a horse to water and you can fool yourself into believing that they’ve drunk it. Be gentle and patient.

Control over anything outside yourself is foolish. Detachment of your wants and expectations frees you from self induced pain. Things will happen good and bad! Accept it and continue to do your best. Don’t let your energy be drained by things you can’t control. Our energy is vital for us to function at our best. Patch energy leaks when they are brought to your awareness! 

Give up the need to be right! This is the source of much agony and it separates. If you find yourself arguing the facts, not listening and formulating your next thought before the other has finished speaking, take a breath and calm yourself. Re-engage when you are calm. 

Never put your shit on another and don’t let them put their shit on you! Don’t project your issues onto your mate, and don’t let your mate cast their spells onto you!

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