Self-Confidence,  Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

“For what would be the use of culture, if it did not teach us to modify and control our natural tendencies.  

Tis mere folly to hope that other men will harmonize with us; 

I have never been guided by such motives; 

I have regarded each man as an independent individual, whom I might study, and whose characteristics I might learn to understand, but from whom I must not expect further sympathy. 

Only in this way have I been enabled to converse with every man, to obtain the knowledge of various characters, and the dexterity necessary for the conduct of life. 

For it is by conflict with natures opposed to his own that a man learns to show himself a man. 

Thus only can the various sides of the character be brought out, till it attains a certain completeness, and the man feels sure of himself in opposition to any and every man.”


Interesting facts about Goethe:

He was born in Frankfurt on August 28, 1749.  Goethe, who is known as the German Shakespeare.   He is regarded as one of the greatest intellectuals of his time and some consider him to be one of the greatest literary figures of the modern era.

He was a true polymath – a philosopher, poet, playwright, novelist, scientist and statesman. In addition to writing a number of brilliant plays, poems, novels and autobiographical works, he also painted and drew. Goethe had a lifelong interest in natural sciences and pursued studies in geology, biology and anatomy.   His sublime view of nature and art was often reflected in his works while being mixed with mystical elements. Faust, Goethe’s best known drama in the U.S., tells the story of a man who offers his soul to the devil in exchange for worldly pleasures and earthly fulfillment.   Goethe succeeded, as few others did, in making his life an example of the full range of human potential. He died in Weimar in 1832 and he is and was internationally recognized as a literary giant.

He had the largest private collection of minerals in all of Europe. In order to gain a comprehensive view of geology, he had collected 17,800 rock samples by the time of his death, and there is a mineral (“Goethite”) named after him.    Goethe created one of the earliest formal explorations of color theory.  In 1810, he published Theory of Colors, which explored the psychological impact of different colors on mood and emotion.

Some Goethe Quotes:

“Nothing is worth more than this day.”

“Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.”


“Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men.”


“The greatest evil that can befall man is that he should come to think ill of himself.”

“One must ask children and birds how cherries and strawberries taste.”


“Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them to become what they are capable of being.”

“Kindness is the golden chain by which society is bound.”

“I am fully convinced that the soul is indestructible, and its activity will continue through eternity.”


“It is ever true that he who does nothing for others, does nothing for himself.”

“Whatever you can do or dream, begin it.”



My head brimming with facts and data

I may recite on cue, 

It profits me not to See a shade or hue.

Though storage and speed be as a computer, 

none so far make me a worthy suitor.

A polyglot I, though I speak a single tongue, 

a piece of the treasure so joyfully won.

Truly a babe attempting to babble, 

it is my soul that I now unravel, 

given the road I’m meant to travel.


Some high, some low, some loud, some not, my guides above me, just aloft.

As a naive a trial, an inch a mile, still drawn to her, my stunner does pull me, though rarely soft.

Each blink clearer, my gate the lighter, my ebbs tax less, now I Know, no need to guess.

My guile ever quickening, my aim ever closer, I so much love this style of dress. 

My Blessing, My Mrs. Moo💗

My daughter Haelie, aka Mrs. Moo, came to hang out with me yesterday evening.  I noticed she seemed a bit down and, as we sat down face to face, on my back deck.  I asked her how she was and she said “fine”.  I continued, honey I can tell something is amiss, did something happen between you and your boyfriend?  In a bit she told me, “I wish I could accept myself”, and broke into tears.  She isn’t the touchy-feely type, but I think this is a defense she, and others use.  I reached to her and put my hands on her knees and looked directly at her, she allowed me to continue.  

I told her that from my vantage she knows herself quite well, but that life is a continual process of refocusing our view, considering the worlds expectations and influences.  In close primary relationships, we allow ourselves to need the other in a big way.  That is always scary as we literally give our love our heart, our power.  Haelie is a rare human being, she is awake!  She sees things as they are and, like me, resists the pull of the world to have her be as they would have her.  This is a challenge for us because we See so many not getting it and compromising themselves for the expediency of going with the flow.  The soul is worth fighting for!

She and I now fully open to one another talked about how to best relate her view to her boyfriend and about several experiences we’ve had recently and how we can learn from them.  Then we talked about how other relationships might be enhanced by taking a higher view.  We talked about her relationship with her mother and how Haelie feels misunderstood.  I shared some ideas about how those who haven’t our view think and why.  Then we discussed ideals and how they pull us to see things as they are.  Then we discussed some of my poetry and Goethe.  I explained how Goethe was such a complete human.  Centered, an incredible knowledge base, keenly observant, a student of human perception without equal and a channel through which much vision and greatness has benefitted many subsequent geniuses and the world as a whole.  We were both truly present and I loved every second of it!

It was the kind of connection that I dream for, it was a gift and my hope is we can continue to deepen our connection and lift each other up!