True Power!

This word Power has so much potency!  

The semantical confusion of what Power means or what it is, vexes so many and is on par with elusive concept of Consciousness.  

Yes, words and language, are so limited in their usefulness when trying to instill an idea or a feeling in the mind and heart of another, that is why Art in all its forms is such a superior messenger!

Power is not what the materialists, the masses or the “Powers” that be have warped into. Power is an attractive force, that radiates from a person through an idea, that compels others to them.  

The more Powerful the truth that emanates from the endowed, the more that are attracted to them and with increased intensity.  As a magnet attracts the atoms of a metal to align with it so it is with the truly powerful!  

Their are those that attract the many but do not truly have power to wield.  Their ecclesia are not pulled to them through inspiration of the soul, but through desperation of the heart.  

The most powerful humans that have walked this earth are not the ones that possessed the most land or owned the most opulent palaces.  The ones that have wielded real power spoke a truth that pierced the mind and heart to the very soul of the many! 

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