Awareness: Human Range of Expression

We tend to either, Introvert or extrovert as outlined by Carl Jung.  The ideal is a balance of the two, per Jung.  This balance is achieved by growth through awareness, aligning with our true self and applying what we’ve learned to experiences, and therefore gaining Knowledge.  An earnest application of honesty and vulnerability are requisite for continued growth.  The limits of human expression are; we isolate from the world, or we fully dive in and play the external game.

If we are successful at maintaining some sense of self, through the trials and tribulations of life, we will experience an aha moment where we have a glimpse into truth.  With this revelation we either courageously move forward or we regress.  We have many chances and opportunities to move forward but too many shrugs and our future advancement becomes less and less likely. 


The pull from the need to conform is a powerful force on those who place too heavy an importance on the external.  Likewise if we live too much in our own internal world the force to join in life, in a healthy way, can repel us.  As in all things it is we who decide our own life experience and the more we acquiesce to our own weakening tendencies, the less we see, the less aware we are, the smaller our world becomes, the more restrictive we must control experiences, the less we truly live and the less we contribute.

Awareness, once glimpsed and felt, is the selfs recognition of the truth (whereas love is the souls recognition of another soul) and becomes a powerfully motivating force for the individual to move forward and grow.  The number and intensity of external distracting influences, can stall or even derail the individual from their growth path but once these distractions are identified and removed, growth can continue.  The recognition of current and potential future distractions is the gift of vulnerability and honest introspection and tunes the vision of the aware individual.

Increasing levels of awareness, correspondingly remove more of the individuals need to employ egocentric psyche defenses in daily living.  This adds to the overall discernment, awareness and accuracy of how the individual views themselves and the external world.  Experiences are heightened and understanding and comprehension of all things assimilates with more and more ease into the individuals knowledge base and critical thinking ability.  It is a positively reinforcing system and it is wonderful.

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