Our Youth

I asked my 17 year old daughter and her boyfriend to have lunch yesterday.  We sat outside in the sun in this quaint little courtyard.  I have only met Connor a few times and have found him to be congenial without the slightest hint of pretense, but I had never really heard him talk about himself or profess any of his own ideas.  My daughter Haelie, has told me about him and I trust her implicitly, but it was a nice chance to form my own understanding of him.  

On occasion I fall into the same groove that most parents tend to.  I can literally hear myself complaining about these darn teenagers!, their music, lack of motivation and then, on autopilot, I question my hope for future generations with this crew running things.  But yesterday my hope was restored , and even elevated beyond that of my own generation in many ways.  This kid, like my daughter, is switched on!  That is, they are more in touch with themselves, than those of us spawned by so many flower children.  I’m sure their are those who’s primary drive is still learning the rules of the game and playing to win, but my heart was pleasantly put at ease yesterday afternoon.

Connor has a gentleness about him that, to me, feels exponentially stronger than a kid that might attempt to extol me with his grand plan and endless ambitions (That was me by the way at 17).  He is open, honest, humble and willing to trust that he will find his song to sing it seemed to me.  I’m not fooling myself, as he and those like him, have not yet braved the waters of “the real world”, but I have a confidence in him and those like him.  How they, with all those who would relentlessly try to conform them, maintain this inner discernment eludes me but also inspires me.

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