Wise Words from Goethe

“The great poet rules and raises us, even to his own point of view.”


My thought: Through artistic expression the artist, when they are at their best, can communicate anything through their craft to others.  Words, arguments and treatises can never hope to convey such meaning.  Art links emotion,the feeling of its subject, to the intellect.

“I have never observed Nature with a view to my poetical productions; but, because my early drawing of landscapes, and my studies in after years, led me to constant, close observation of natural objects, I have gradually learned Nature by heart even in the minutest details, so that, when I, as a poet, need anything, it is at my command ; and I cannot easily sin against truth in my descriptions.”


My thought: Speaking about observing the world for its own sake, to be present, not for any other reason but to be.  With this deep knowledge gleaned, we can more fully express ourselves and the truth of things.

“You see this chamber, and the next, in which you, through the open door, see my bed. Neither of them is large; and they are by necessary furniture, books, manuscripts, and works of art, made narrower; but they are enough for me. I have lived in them all winter, scarce entering my other rooms. Of what use has been my spacious house, and the liberty of going from’ one room to another?”

“If a man has freedom enough to live healthy, and work at his craft, he has enough ; and each man can easily obtain this amount of freedom. Then none of us are free, except under certain conditions, which we must fulfill.”

“The citizen is as free as the nobleman, if he will but restrain himself within the limits which God appointed by placing him in that rank.”

“The nobleman is as free as the prince ; for, if he will but observe a few ceremonies at court, he may feel himself his equal Freedom consists not in refusing to recognize any thing above us, but in knowing how to respect what is above us ; for, by respecting it, we raise ourselves to it, and make manifest that we bear within ourselves the idea of what is higher, and are worthy to be on a level with it.”


My thought: Speaking about True Freedom.  The balance of what we need to act out our own Art, our passion, to sing our own song and no more.  Too much of the material, if not necessary, detracts us from what we need to do with out gifts.

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