SleepWalking is a Purely Left Brain Phenomenon

The analytical, discriminating and self concerned left hemisphere of the brain is steering the boat for the vast majority of The Mob.  A quick calculation (a left brain function, wink) reveals that about 19/20 of us tend to be Lefties (85% are right handed and of the remaining 15%, 60% are left brain dominant). 

The right Hemisphere expresses antithetically, in every way possible, when contrasted to its legalistic counterpart.  The Right among us, tend to be creative, imaginative, and view existence with an eye for noticing the interconnectedness of all things.  I have developed he ability to connect with 99% of humanity.  I’m equally comfortable conversing with a street sweeper as I am with a Nobel Laureate.  But no matter the intellect or the achievements of my intended, it is awareness that takes the crown when it comes to Seeing others and experiencing things to their fullest. Lefties feign interest right up until the point where their threshold of entertaining such crazy notions is eclipsed.  For some that’s the next phrase out of my mouth, for others months or even years, but in the end those that sleepwalk are truly only coping with those who See.  My intent here is not to complain, or to extol the superiority of waking up (sans the eternal snooze button tapping), it is to clarify what truly is for those who are awake or who are awakening! 

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