Anatomy of the Soul: Outline

“The Material world, though meant to be the playground of the Self and the Soul,

In this Space-Time dimension, vies for our attention, our awareness, our very Soul.

Our Self is our unique individual expression, and it alone can discern the Truth, 

Intend our True Desires, Longings and Channel the Love the Soul Yearns to Wield!”



Awareness, Intention, Cause and Effect, Growth, Power, Control, The Paradox of the Physical and the Spiritual, Love, Life, Art, Energy, Relativity, Subjectivity, Objectivity, Truth, Ideals, the Material, Societal Imfluence, Existence, the Mind, the Brain, the Psyche and the Soul.  

Ideas I Intend to Express:

*Why this existence, who we all are, we are all unique, we are all gifted, we are all frail, we are wired for growth and adversity.

*How we come to have an ego, what it is and what it is intended for.

*The unconscious experiential creation of a primitive construct of self and ego from birth 

*Milestones of psyche development and where we can go wrong

*How we lose our self.

*Through deliberately seeking the Truth we can find and reinstall the Self.

*What the Self is, and why our life experience is given to us to live with the Self aligning wisdom   with the Love of the Soul.

*What the Soul is spiritually, physically and anatomically.

*The Societal (Social and Close relationships) impact on the Self and the implications on the Soul, Love and our Existence.

*Need from External is our downfall, and keeps the Self from expressing.                 

*The grave error we make by assuming, adopting and borrowing our beliefs!  This makes our journey nearly impossible (as nearly all external influences vie for our awareness and lead to further isolation of the Self).

We can, through the Self seeking the Truth, replace our disempowering beliefs with empowering ones to aid us in our quest to reunite with our True Self!

*The language of the Soul is Art, in all its forms.

My Intended Message:

The Soul only wants to Love and only knows Love and the Language of Love

We all want to love and be loved, everything else that we do, is merely a supporting function for our primary avocation of loving!

My intention is to Express my idea in such a way that the reader can feel my Intent. 

As Art does through Poetry, Painting, Dance, Song, Architecture, and Sculpture, I intend to present my Intention to the soul, as best I can.

We go about giving and receiving love in our own ways that are predicated on our own level of awareness. 

Our strategies for expressing love are predictable within a range of behaviors that is directly related to our particular level of awareness that is attained through our deliberately achieved growth!

Growth is only achieved by willfully applied deliberate action, and it is initialized by the soul.  

The Soul yearns to love and be loved.  It is only our Defenses that block the Souls intended Gratification.

Our Defenses, or our Psyche, are intended to be under the direct control of the self.

The Self then, is our own unique individual expression, and is determined by our genes, experiences, thoughts, world view, consciously deliberate individual advancements in awareness and wisdom, and quantity and quality of our loving experiences with other souls.  

The Self is initially set at birth and initial consciousness, but through awareness and the growth that we achieve from our increasing awareness, the Self expands.  

Our Self and our expression, is under the control of our divinely endowed blessing of free choice, free will.

We are all born equipped with everything required for the Self to express and to grow.  

Our Psyche functions at the interface between the spiritual energetic realms and the physical realms.  It protects the soul from expressions that are not love, and modulates and interprets experiences that, in total, come to form our view of existence, and directs our consequent behaviors and actions that we act out in response to the environment we find ourselves in.  

The psyche functions enhance our physical survival, but because of its unique location (between the physical and spirit/energy realms) if it interprets too many external threats it can, as a matter of necessity, assume control of our psyche from our Self!  

Our Defenses that is intended to protect our physical body and the soul it contains, is now directing our very existence.  This phenomenon, allows for our “Human Experience”. 

The center of our Conscious Awareness, commonly know as the Ego, seizes power and control from the self.  

The Self is treated quite brutally by the Ego, as the Ego is but a reactive emergency measure and does not possess the knowledge that only the Self can.

The Self is the seat of all of our Truth, and the Knowledge that seeking the Truth accumulates in total is our own unique level of wisdom.

Only the Self, through its own achieved level of wisdom, can direct willful intention.

Only the Self, at the helm at the center of conscious awareness, can See what needs to be Seen and focus its intent to supply the Soul with the Love it yearns to give and receive! 

Life is the quest of finding the self, defeating the non-self (ego) and reinstalling the Self at its proper seat as the Captain of our lives.  

Only through seeking the Truth can we re-coronate the Self and direct its Power of Intention rightly and by doing so provide the Soul with the Loving experiences that is so yearns for!

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