Reclaiming the Self

Flex the Mind and the Heart:  they’re muscles too!

Test your new insight:  link it to experience to feel the validity of your idea.  

The Self discerns perfectly if we (ego) merely step out of the way! 

Truth will accumulate, providing the self the power it needs to break the chains we’ve shackled it with!

When a new field of study or discovery occurs, where did that person get their new knowledge, what school granted them their PhD?

Nothing puts Fear in the heart of the Egocentric like a strong confident Self!

Fundamentalists having no access to the Truth or Knowledge, but are forced to adopt Rules, the ideas of Authorities they willingly and necessarily they  give their deference to, and Untruths that are known as socially accepted behavior.

Fundamentalists necessarily, must submit to the direction of egocentric behaviors, the reclaimed Self  knocks the Ego out of the drivers seat!  

We are now in Control with Truth as our guide and the Soul as our Engine!

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