The Price of Untruth!

When we lie or distort the truth, in any way of our experiences; our memory, our awareness and in fact the very expression of our intellect all decline!  Bald face pathological lying is obvious, but we tend to be much more stealthy in our operations of hiding and obscuring what the Self knows to be true.

A biologically self-reinforcing phenomenon:

The more we lie, or distort the information coming in and going out of our consciousness, the more our inner turmoil, as recognition of the Truth by the Self resists the blocking of the Truth by the Ego.  

This phenomenon reinforces our lack of awareness and in fact obscures the very way that the brain stores information.  

Our emotional brain (our limbic system via the amygdala and the hippocampus), take our interpreted experiences (our lens of the world, and applies feelings to potential memories).  

If we intentionally or unconsciously warp the truth, our memory literally weakens and worsens over time, as our brain memory filing system becomes corrupted.  

The Truth is the cure we all need to debug our hard drive, as memories can once again be stored accurately and be called upon to process new experiences, thus increasing our awareness and enhancing our lives! 

The Unaware, Masters of Untruth:  Forced Civility

The unaware learn the language of the Banal and seek out brethren of the same tongue.  This placates their Ego, who is Fully in Control (though they would fight to the death to argue otherwise).  

Egos don’t like being wrong, nor do they take kindly to their intentions (they can’t intend!) being questioned.  

To combat truth the unaware must opt to become fluent practitioners of a mishmash of false-humility, legalism, banal generalities, commonly known but misunderstood and wrongly applied psychological and ideological principles and their exquisitely predictable defense mechanisms of choice.  

This phenomenon reinforces the Ego’s grip while simultaneously strengthening the chains it has placed on the true Self.  

Since it is not considered befit a Good Person to be false, the unaware would never admit they’re lives are externally based and an adaptation that is intended to help them cope, though 3/4 of all people are, according to Jung and others.  It’s always the other guy who just doesn’t seem to get it.  The Ego is a sneaky fella!  Pretension is an ubiquitous affliction.  

People who seem to possess a high aptitude for memory retention and recall, those whom we call smart, may merely be those who are drawn to Truth, as their Self so desires but the Ego resists inexorably.

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