Characteristics of the Ego

Our Ego is the ultimate practitioner of pragmatism.  The Ego is only an instinctual defense mechanism, intended to keep us going when we are fearful of being our Self’s, it is merely a construct created for our physical self-preservation (not our psychospiritual preservation, it is antithetical in fact).  

The level of our awareness, of our Selfs and the truth, determines how often and how the Ego is employed in our lives.  

It’s view is narrow, because it Needs to get its Needs met!  Why waste its energy chasing after pie in the sky ideas like Truth and Awareness?

It is not connected to the Self or the Soul.  It is merely a disembodied physical (OxymoronšŸ˜‰) machine operator.  No discernment, No ability to notice anything other than what it thinks it Needs, and to that end, it is as a heat-seeking missile!

Therefore; the natural desires of the Self and the Soul, curiosity, creativity, imagination, vision, etc.are of no consequence.

The Ego is so often used as a derogatory term, but it does keep around a bit longer until we are presented with the blessing of our are next “Aha Moment”! Until then we Cope and we Survive, but it is nice to thrive!

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