Critical Thinking and EgoSpeak Thinking

          Critical Thinking

An earnest angst to know the truth.  Nothing is sacred and ones mind is always open to new, better and more enlightened information and ideas.  Self-awareness of ones strengths, weaknesses and biases is presupposed and mandatory.  Consistent honest and vulnerable introspection, in all areas of ones life, is requisite and must be practiced with integrity and often.  One must be open to the scrutiny of others opinions but also be able to discern the value and motivation of the those who care to opine.  

A wide breadth of knowledge greatly enhances ones ability to critically think.  How to think combined with what you know increases ones ability to discern the subtleties in life and See the interconnectedness of all things.  With more knowledge we know what we don’t know, our ideals broaden as we know what and why the limits of things apply in any given situation.

Three perspectives one must employ in order to critically think:

Idealistic – the vision of what can be or what is possible.  

Realistic – what actually is.  Knowing the environment in which we operate.

Pragmatic – ability to change thinking and adopt a more empowering belief.

          EgoSpeak Thinking

An earnest need to defend ones position, action or belief.  Nothing is sacred but what one wants or needs in the moment.  One must be willing to do or say anything to anybody in order to defend and protect who they are and what keeps them feeling safe and secure, and one must give deference to any who they feel support them to that end.  If others do not agree with their thoughts or actions, they best move on as they will not tolerate those people in their life.  Ones values, beliefs, safety and security take preeminent importance, people come and people go, but they are steadfast in their rightness and integrity to it.

A wide breadth of information about those I know and whom I’m forced to deal with, is a big advantage both protecting myself, avoiding those I must and threatening them when needed.  

Important thought:  “What am I allowed to do within the environment that I am provided?”

Strategies for Managing situations using EgoSpeak:

Safety/Security – do the rules allow for it?, do my benefits provide it?, does he think like and agree with me?, can she give me what I need?, who will meet my needs?, how might I get them to think like me?, what angle or motivation does this person have?

Legalistic – what authority might I defer to for an opinion on this?, what laws and what assurances might exist so that I can procure, and defend my right to, what I need from others?

Bellicose – at what point, and to what degree, do I elevate my defenses to protect my beliefs and values that I hold so dear?

Norms – am I, my thoughts, and my actions within acceptable societally limits?  If not, how might spin things if I am exposed?

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