The Paradox of Intentionality

The Self-Conscious type (the conscious of Self type), referred to as the Artist by Nietzsche and Rank and Goethe (the Poet), are aware of their Self unlike the default position assumed by the Norm.  The Norm, referred to as the Adapted or Neurotic type by Rank, are not conscious that they have a gifted unique Self and repress or deny its expression.

Artists appear Self-ish to many Adapted types, as they value and express an individuality that can be offensive to the normal sensibilities of the many.  

The awareness of ones gifts, endows Artists with an awareness and a recognition of the gifts in the Adapted types as well.  Normal folks can be attracted to this affirmation provided them by Artists, but if they lack the strength of Self to break the inertia of the binds that hold the expression of their true self, their appreciation of the Artist can be annihilated dramatically.  

Because the default position of human expression is adopted and assumed from their surroundings, and because Artists do not conform to this standard, they can be feared and even ostracized, even when their intentions are pure.

The Norm cannot direct their intention, as only ones true Self can recognize and discern its truth, and Adapted types have not yet strengthened their Self to confidently express.

As the Norm is to look outside the Self for gratification and validation, they necessarily attach need to objects in their external environments.  In doing so they have deferred their intention and Self power to the object in which they have little influence over.  Lacking the ability to direct their intention they hope and cope, having been disappointed so many times before.  

As more external events and objects control them, the Adapted types must narrow their range of experience to continue to cope as they possess less and less psychic resources to maintain their search for their missing needs and desires.

This can lead to loss of hope and negatively reinforces the expression of their true Self, which is truly where their Salvation lies.

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