Lost in Translation

The popularized conception of the Unconscious, like so many intangible ideas, gets misunderstood and even itself employed by the false-self to maintain control of our true-selfs and our lives.  

The Unconscious spontaneously forms as our Adapted false-self forms and our true-self is silenced!  Our instinctual drive for safety and security wins out over our need to express how we were truly intended to.  Thereafter we have no power to intend.

Our False-self speaks a mishmash adapted colloquial tongue that is ever changing and is predicated on the whims of the environment that we project our need onto.

Our brains function systematically to store the information that they sensually receive and then passes information along to the Self to interpret.  

The brain is a very literal, and requires a truthful interpretation to most effectively store, integrate and retrieve memories.  

How can the ever changing illiterate vernacular of the false-Self provide the hippocampus, the amygdala, the cerebral cortex, et. al., the literal and consistent information in the truthful language that the brain requires? 

It can’t!

Therefore to cope (assume a role) in life, the adapted, necessarily approximate the truth and forget where they filed their gibberish.  

That’s the adaptation called the Unconscious, and the Adapted are scared out of their wits to even admit they have created one, much less try to sort it out.

It’s preferable to keep their external surroundings neat and tidy and their lives knowable, than to know them selfs.

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