The Creativity Crisis

Life Support
Each of us are unique individual human expressions and under the influence of two important life support systems, the Physical and the Psychic Support Systems. (The Survival Instinct and the Individuating Force).

Physical Support System: The Survival Instinct
Concerns itself with our physical survival and supports us in our external environment.  This mechanism is instinctual in us, as it is in all animals, and promotes our physical health, longevity and reduces risk taking behaviors in favor of safety and security.  All animals, with normally functioning brains, display this survival enhancing mechanism, save for humans with severe depression, or other more advanced psychic adaptations.  

Psychic Support System: The Individuating Force
Concerns itself with our uniquely human needs that result from our possession of a  higher conscious awareness.  These include our needs for meaning, purpose, connection and spiritual and personal growth.  This system is not an instinct but yet a manifestation of the same force that urges all life forward to grow, connect, create and flourish.

Instincts, drives, forces, human nature and human tendencies have been the focus of thought, and endless debate ever since higher sentient consciousness manifested in we humans.  We all tend to gravitate towards one side of the spectrum or the other, ranging from the belief that we are purely physical manifestations resulting from random chemical events to the belief that, “We are Spiritual beings having a Human experience” (Pierre Teilhard de Chardin).  No matter ones ideology, it is clear that human consciousness, and the instinct to survive, must be viewed as vitally important and unique influences on this world.

We humans can think about our thinking and we therefore necessarily create and mold our environment both externally and internally to provide us with the most conducive environment to meet our particular needs.  Most animals mold themselves to the construct, or environment, that they find themselves in order to best survive and propagate.  

So from the outset we Humans have been presented with a dilemma, if not a paradox, do we mold ourselves into a construct that has been provided by others thoughts and live with adopted ideals and beliefs, or do we assert our own beliefs and exercise our own internally inspired ideals that spring out of our need to grow and create, our need to be human?  If we resist in expressing ourselves as we feel intended, where does that force or angst go, is that the root of neurosis?

I would submit that any blockage of expression of the true Self, by means of Ego defense, is dis-ease and the cause of neurosis.  It’s a Creativity Crisis!

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