Mastery and Proficiency 

There are no techniques that allow for Mastery or true connection and communication.  There is only the willingness to do so.

When you know you’re craft and know how to accurately read, connect with and discern people, you’re able to get to the point without chasing people wherever they may try to take your attention and intention.

You possess your full Self, intention and the confidence that comes wIth it.

You lead, and others rightfully give you deference and respect, as they sense your concern and purity of motive. 

Mastery means you know how to direct effectively and in a mutually edifying manner.

If you should invest more time, as you have discerned the other may require, you invest it wisely until the connection is established to truly communicate. 

All the talking In the world will not lead to true communication if you cannot possess your Self or your intention.

This all presupposes that you love people and can maintain your Self, no matter what the other might say to you.  It also requires an ever present awareness and commitment of living truthfully.

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