Semantics Mean Everything!

Words are employed for Ego maintenance, or the Truth of Self,


Faith adopted or assumed from outside our Selfs.

Individual faith deliberately sought through the Self.

Need and Relationships

An external object, that when missing, lessens us.

An internal object, that when found, elevates us.



Enduring the disappointment from unmet external needs, frustrations, and ego losses.

Growing internally by risking to gain Self-Confidence through expressing ones’ true Art.


Exercising ones’ discipline to consistently act out a virtuous life that one, and others value.

Integrating the true Self internally and externally.


A feeling one experiences when they are validated, and feel appreciated, by another.

The recognition of Truth in Beauty, then the Soul channels love through the Self to give and receive.


A defense mechanism to be used to fend off potential pain and growth

A healthy integration of the true Self

Individual Gifts and Talent

Inherent in the individual, some have them, some don’t.  Don’t be boastful, defer to authorities and project onto idols.

Everyone is gifted, life is about finding and giving your gifts to the world.


Shows egocentric tendency and false-humility is employed in its place.  The Self is unknown and therefore Self-Confidence by definition is impossible to express

Recognition of the Self and a deliberate lifelong refinement of the Self to express as fully as we can.


Energy gained from outside in the form of money, possessions, ranks, titles, comparative worth, hard work, amassing safety and security, etc..  For self-esteem, it is mandatory to maintain ones levels of power from the external environment.

An internal achievement, gleaned from expressing the Self truthfully. 

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