I chuckle to myself every time I hear someone say “Science” did something.  Or that religion and science are separate entities and in and of themselves mutually exclusive.  Science is a method or a form of logic that provides us with some truths about our environment.  Religion, Science and Philosophy are three powerful methods that we humans employ to seek the truth about this existence.  We are all just stumbling around in the dark here as we find ourselves conscious but missing an instruction manual for life.  It is human nature to create and to do so effectively, we were endowed with intellect, imagination and curiosity.  Through the angst, that these endowments prod, we have developed these different and reinforcing modes of inquiry into our world.

The first Philosopher, Pythagoras, didn’t separate his modalities in his search for the truth, he used them all.  He was a brilliant mathematician and used his gift to provide us important geometric truths that ultimately gave us clues into the workings of the entire universe.  His Pythagorean Triangle was the basis for Newton and Einstein to comprehend the Laws of Motion and Relativity.  The polarization of the collective Unconscious into preferentially choosing  a single form of logic and truth seeking, like all types of limited thinking, makes us unaware and  complicit fundamentalists, both the Liberal and the Conservative.  The specialization of fields of supposed knowledge that all seek the same thing, has unfortunately contributed to an adversarial competition, and has splintered our understanding of life.

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