The Physical and the Mental

As “physical matter” must obey the physical laws of matter, so must humans obey the laws of thought and behavior. 

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction in both the physical and psychic realms. 

Everything that happens between objects has both a cause and effect. 

As it relates to human behavior, whether we care to agree or not, all thoughts and actions, have both a cause and effect. 

That is, everything we do consciously or unconsciously, can be traced to a cause which led to the effect. 

There is always a reason, be it rational or not (usually not), for every expression in our lives.  

To the degree that we have chosen to become “Aware” in our lives, we have access to larger parts of our psyche (Unconscious integration), we can identify our “cause” for any particular effect, with varying degrees of accuracy. 

If we have chosen to become Unaware (by default), then frustration and upset are the norm, when external circumstances don’t meet with our hopes and wishes. 

The Unaware have limited Access to their own psyche as they have relinquished access to the confines of their Ego.

The concept of “Intention”, or willfully projecting ones desire onto some desirable outcome, can only be practiced by the Aware. 

One must have access to the cause, in order to channel any particular Intended effect. 

Awareness integrates our inner world, or our psyche (our Self), clearing up blockages and tension that the Unaware must spend enormous amounts of energy (or Will) contending with. 

The Aware, with their Will unbound by such inner turmoil, can focus their will on linking experience with learning and gaining knowledge of the Truth. 

Thus becoming more aware, while adding to their knowledge base, creating an evermore clear understanding of Reality. 

The Unaware, further obscure their inner world, as frustration over discordant circumstances in their external world, consumes much of their energy. 

This energy drain further weakens them as the Unaware fuel their Egocentric behavior with the finite resources of their Will.  

To be Unaware is to lack the ability to link cause and effect. 

Often the most proximate cause is assigned blame, for challenges to their reality, leading to further frustration and chaos both internally and externally. 

Reason and rationality are sacrificed, as their Ego controls their behavior without the guidance of firm fundamental beliefs. 

As Truth, Intention, Wisdom and Love are only the privilege of the Aware. 

Pretension, Subtle Manipulation, and the Ego are the tools for procuring the needs of the Unaware.

The Unaware, although so easy for the Aware to identify through their language, focus of concern, reaction to circumstances, and topics of conversation, truly believe they are themselves Aware. 

Much time and energy is spent on maintaining their facade through commiserating with others and actively accumulating external evidence of their awareness.

Most Americans believe deeply in the ideas of Freedom, Liberty and the inherent rights of the individual. 

Our beliefs are our own and we hold onto them jealously. 

Even from our unique perspective, instead of championing the uniqueness and creative spirit that all children are blessed with, we slowly but surely push them into the mold that we think will bring them happiness and us glory. 

Children get their free-spirit, imagination and creativity drilled out of them, in earnest, as they enter our schooling system.  

Didactic instruction that focuses on rote memorization and adherence to standards set by some external authority only discourages our kids from learning!  

Their enthusiasm, from their inherent natural curiosity for learning, becomes replaced with pleasing teachers and parents with grades and a hyper-vigilance on their place in the hierarchy of their place among their peers.  

Kids learn their place, and the adults in their world hold them to that assessment, tacitly or overtly. 

To the degree that they excel in this, “one size fits all system”, they will thrive or retract from further learning.  

At a minimum they will crystallize their intelligence relative to the rest of the world.  

This, unintended consequence, is often determinative, of their motivation to seek their own beliefs through increasing levels of knowledge and awareness.  

If they believe their future is limited due to their inability to learn, then they will let others do their thinking for them and adopt the “Normal” Externally based Ego Consciousness that is  rampant in this world, and take their place never questioning the “They” that seem to know everything.  

Learning through experience, the key to Awareness, Knowledge and Well-being is lost on them going forward.  

As a society we value education nearly above all else for our children.  We are very big on teaching “What” to think, but not so concerned on fostering an environment for our progeny on “How” to think!  It’s the “What” and “How” we focus on.  

“What” to think and “How” to be happy, absent the “Why” at the outset, is the Problem and thats ” Why” we have the problems that are so ubiquitous today.  

Depression, stress, divorce, lack of Well-being…. Weren’t these supposed to be eradicated with our free and enlightened society?  

Until the “Why“, the meaning, or the reason, is truly known and held onto with passion, all the “Whats” and “How’s” mean nothing.  

We only get farther from ourselves individually and from the ideals that this country was founded on!  

We sacrifice our own (and our children’s) innate genius and then deny it was ever there. 

 We adopt the worlds dis-empowering lie and settle for a severely limited shadow of what we could have been!

We seek the “Norm” in lieu of what we could be.  

We don’t learn to link independent learning to experience, which builds our own Knowledge, Wisdom, Strength and Self-Confidence, instead we commiserate with others confirming that we are “Normal”, absent any beliefs that are actually our own!

We reinforce the Wrong Things! 

We give sympathy when our kids get Frustrated! 

What is frustration but an upset when some Circumstance doesn’t turn out the way we didn’t want it to? 

Frustration is a condition of the way we have set up the world wrongly for our kids! 

We cannot control what happens outside of ourselves! 

Only a world based on a lie would ever think such a thing! 

Let kids be themselves! 

Let them try new things, create as they were intended, use their imaginations and learn experientially! 

This way they will know themselves, not be frustrated because of some expectation they (We!) have placed on the world to comply with!

We glorify those that attain wealth, fame and notoriety. 

Rarely the same virtues that we claim to value. 

Then we denounce those we glorify, when they don’t live up to the very Virtues and Mores that neither we nor anyone possibly could. 

This act reinforces, negatively, our adopted view of the world and takes us farther and farther away from the truth and from our true selves.

Because our beliefs are not our own, we have no reason to integrate them. 

In fact because they are unattainable, we resent them and begin to see ourselves as not worthy and repress that as fear and shame.

As children we see our elders and parents espousing these mores. 

At some point we see that they themselves could never live up to what they have shown us is the example. 

This is discordant to us! 

Because we are children we bury this in our unconscious as these conflicts are too difficult to explain and manage psychically.

When our grown children get depressed, are unhappy, or fail we are at a loss! I followed the rules! 

What happened? 

She is so beautiful, smart and well liked!  

That thinking is the problem!  

External or gifted traits, which have not been earned, matter the least!  

We should know this if we truly believed our own rhetoric!  

We don’t know because we never had the courage to think for ourselves! 

We never let our kids think for themselves! 

Without ones own fundamental beliefs one can never truly be themselves and we will always feel a sense that something is wrong.

The truth is we are Human! 

We fail and that should be celebrated! It shows we tried! 

We all just want to Love and be Accepted, Understood and Loved back! 

We want to be ourselves! 

Society doesn’t want the truth it wants us to play a part! 

We reluctantly do but its so exhausting! 

If we all loved like this, the world would be a much happier place! 

That’s how I’m living from this second forward!  

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