Coup d’œil 

“Stroke of the Eye”

Bull Shit Detector: 😉

Some Semantics:

Ego: a defense mechanism employed to maintain our survival.  It’s our physical survival instinct and not connected to the Self or the Soul.  Therefore, it cannot intend and has no access to the Wisdom of the Self or Soul.

Self-ishness: actions intended to enhance the expression of the Self and the Souls love.

Ego-selfish: actions unintended to strengthen the Ego and promote physical survival.  Projects needs onto the external environment, leading to frustration and psychic energy losses.  Overuse leads to loss of hope, self, confidence and reliance on others to provide for us what we cannot for ourselves. We look for substitutes to provide us with the important human emotional and meaning needs that consciousness demands.

Transcendence: above the Ego

🌟🔥🌟As Consciousness increases, we assimilate more of the “Shadow” Unconsciousness (Jung) into our conscious awareness, we eventually cease projecting our needs onto external objects.  

At a certain point this comes into our awareness and it dramatically effects our personal power levels, as we no longer lose our power to unwanted or unintended external events.  

This is a  “technique” employed at lower levels of consciousness referred to as, don’t sweat the small stuff, or this too shall pass and the like.  

*The Aware do not need “techniques”!

Until we possess the knowledge it’s always a technique that must be applied with discipline and drains our psychic energy reserves.  

Like a balloon that used to leak, and was vulnerable from external attacks, we now have Teflon reinforcements that are largely impenetrable.  

This allows us to maintain focus in times of attack (stress) and allows us the energy to increase our awareness with activities that the Self is naturally drawn to (flow type activities that are in line with our true nature).  

The Self now guides us, where the defensive Ego once sought escape and relief.

We balance out, we focus!

Where once we gave deference to the happiness of others over our own Self, we now maintain our Self while letting others deal with their reality as they may, while contributing more than ever!

This transition can be a bumpy ride, as existing relationships notice a change in us but there is NO going back!

How the Self Functions absent the Ego

Viewpoint:  the point in which one views any event, situation or experience, the most accurate would be the most broad.  

*In a forest it would be from the highest tree, on the earth it would be from the tallest mountain (Zeus-Olympus), in the Universe it would be God peering at his creation.  

Perspective: is the combination of factors that cause the viewer to See what they do.  This would be the clarity of the lens he peers through from his viewpoint.  

*perspective is increased with diversity of experiences that result in knowledge, perspective increases ones viewpoint.

Perception: the ability to perceive based on employing all of ones senses.  The accuracy of and full use of all of ones perceptions increases ones level of awareness.

Awareness: is noticing what is happening, given ones Viewpoint and Perspective.

Context: is the current state of all of the components viewed in ones level of awareness.

Discernment: is accurately applying all of ones faculties and knowledge and intuiting all of the contexts and how they effect each other to surmise a judgement.  

Knowledge: is the result of ones previous experiences truthfully linked to understanding. 

Truth: is the objective accuracy of ones Judgement.

Wisdom: the sum of all of ones Knowledge and how accurately and quickly they interrelate.  

*Interrelating accurately is the result of deliberately honing ones Critical Thinking Skills.

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