My Idea of Psychodynamics: Creativity and the Ego

Post-Psyche Construct Object Relations:  The experiential influencing factors that effect the development of an individual’s perspective and underlying worldview, or personal reality, after the childhood development of the Psyche and Personality.

Post-Psyche Construct Object Relations determines an individuals ability to synthesize and accurately discern sensual, contextual, appropriate and extraneous information from experiences, and thus directs the relative balance displayed between the “Creative Force” and “Separating” Forces (Ego), that propel the individual throughout their lives.  This is a very dynamic process and can vary in its expression from minute to minute in any given individual.  An overall set point, that approximates proper balance is specific to the individual and is evidence of their level of conscious awareness and overall growth and psychic maturation.

There are several important variables that, in total, influence an individual’s overall balance of the two contradictory but affirming life forces.  Depending on the quality, quantity and gravity of an individual’s experience(s), a variables’ influence will affect the individuals expression to a greater or lesser degree.  The more formative influences are normally experienced in early life, prior to the individual developing a fully functioning ego, after Individuating from their parents and forging their own life path.


The time in history, the era, the zeitgeist, and the culture(s) that the individual has experienced.

Their socioeconomic experiences. 

Their primary native language(s).

Parental and family

Ideologies imposed upon them vs. Freedom of expression.

Recognition of internal Self passion(s).


Membership or identification with organizations, groups, or ethnicities.

Psychic and/or physical trauma

Romantic, sexual and love experiences.

Relative level of Intelligence, athletic ability, socially confirmed beauty, or other socially accepted or rejected inherent traits. (Genetic and epigenetic and self-developed influences)

Influence of Guides, Mentors, or Coach-like figure(s).

Divergence, Quantity, and Quality of experiences.

      * Lack/Plenty

      * Accepted/Not Accepted (Rejected)

      * Breadth of experience(s)

      * Leadership or roles of responsibility vs. roles where they were directed.

      * Breadth of Education (Self-Directed and Formal/Institutional)

      * Age

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