The Psychic Forces

Merriam Webster Dictionary Definition(s): 


*Personification of the Soul (Psyche was the most beautiful women in the world, making Venus jealous in Greek and Roman mythology).  

*Second definition: Human Soul, Mind, Spirit

*Psychology, Psychoanalysis. the mental or psychological structure of a person, especially as a motive force. (lower case psyche).

My Definition of the Psyche

The Psyche is the Self.  Who a person is, in terms of being human and possessing human sentient consciousness.  The Self then, mediates the antithetical forces that arise from our physical need to survive (The External Adaptive Instinct (Force)), and the Force of the Spirit or Soul that is endowed us from our higher consciousness (The Internal Creative Force).

The Forces that Flow through the Psyche:

The drive to maintain physical survival is a strong instinct in all higher animals.  We humans are also animals, and our survival instinct can be a very powerful influence on our lives.  If we did not possess such an instinct, our irrationalities and emotions would have done our species in long ago.  Conversely, if we were merely moody cognitively superior hairless bipeds, what would motivate us to gain knowledge, awareness, and to grow?  

The human condition places us at the junction between the physical and spiritual planes of existence, and as a result we are both blessed with and cursed by our seemingly paradoxical position in the universe.

The External Adaptive Instinct:

This instinct fuels our physical survival and provides us a motivation for survival preferentially to others.  If the choice is my or your survival, I’m living and you’re dying!  This insures the propagation of physically and mentally stronger gene pools and increases the whole species odds of survival and propagation.  The survival of the fittest doctrine, applies here perfectly and follows the same lines of reasoning.  The Alpha male is allowed his choice of sexual partners and is given the best and most food provisions, as long as he can maintain his physical superiority.  This instinct can be brutally applied in real life, but without a beating heart, our life experience ends.

The Internal Creative Force: 

To be human is to create, to imagine the possibilities, to be curious and to reach beyond what we thought we knew or thought possible.  This Force inspires us and fills us with hope, spiritual love and gives us a meaning for existence.  We are all unique expressions, and as such, yearn to express the gifts, the art that has been given to us to paint.  We all possess are own form of genius, that only we can contribute to the world, and this is the force that provides the angst for us to express it.  When we connect with our individual expression, we become transfixed in a flow or meditative state.  No will or discipline is required to express as we were truly intended, in fact the action feeds our spirit and inspires and motivates us, and those around us.  This is the eternal essence flowing through us and its energy is of infinite supply.

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