Cause and Effect With Conscious Observation and Cause

The Mind is to the Brain as a Movie on the Screen is to its Projector

The Projector: moves the film and focuses light through the film, to project an image of the film onto a screen.

The Proximate cause of the Image is the Projector. 

The Proximate effect are the Images on the Screen.

The images intended purpose (Intention of the Conscious Creator) is to provide a meaning to the observer(s) (intended effect) 

Depending on the observer(s), various meanings will be received from the images (unintended and intended effect).

The Projector and film are the same but the meaning they convey varies depending on the observer and the conditions under which the image is viewed.  

The artistic expression (movie) was created, by one or more conscious beings, who intended to supply the observers with a message or intended meaning. 

The Mind:

Sensory information enters the brain via one of five basic senses.  

(It first is processed through the Limbic Center, in the sub-cortical center of the brain, where emotions and feelings are attached.  We know the anatomical pathways of input, and what parts of the Limbic System do what, through studies of observing the brain under various conditions.  Brain Imaging, and direct stimulation of various areas in the brain, tell us which structures of the brain are responsible what the various functions of the brain.) 

The Brain processes information from all of the senses and then applies meaning through emotions and feelings via The Limbic System.  The meaning that is assigned to our perceptions is not static, but dynamic.  The Mind, through experience, thought, knowledge, deeper insights and introspection, then determines how the Brain (the Hardware) is programmed, as beliefs (software) dictate what feelings and meaning we attach to all perceptions.  Materialists tend to give credit to what they can measure, to the tangible.  To say that the Amygdala does this and the Hippocampus does that is akin to saying a gun killed someone.  The gun was the proximate cause, but the individual that pulled the trigger was, and his beliefs, were Ultimately the Fundamental Cause.

The Proximate cause of the Mind is the Machinery of the Brain needed for Thought!

(Those that study the Brain assign different parts of the Brain with the different functions it performs.  For example, It is presumed that because the Hippocampus Processes new memories and provides the Cortex access to these memories, and then assists in the coding of these memories into long term memories, that part of The Mind therefore, necessarily resides in the Hippocampus.  

This is analogous to the motor of the Projector that moves the film across its lens and light provided by its bulb.  The motor, although necessary for the display of moving pictures is not itself part of the Movie, nor is it the Meaning intended to be communicated by its creators.  This function can only be carried out by the thought projected by the intention of the Creator, by the Observers.)

In everyday life we are observers. What meaning we discern from the perceptions that we have depends on our programming.  Our beliefs, like the software we install in our computers, are our programming.  Where did our programming come from?

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