Universal Genius: Under the Radar

“Goethe can never be dear to men. 

His is not even the devotion to pure truth; but to truth for the sake of culture. 

He has no aims less large than the conquest of universal nature, of universal truth, to be his portion: a man not to be bribed, nor deceived, nor overawed; of a stoical self-command and self-denial, and having one test for all men, What can you teach me? 

All possessions are valued by him for that only; rank, privileges, health, time, Being itself. 

He is the type of culture, the amateur of all arts and sciences and events; artistic, but not artist; spiritual, but not spiritualist. 

There is nothing he had not right to know: there is no weapon in the armory of universal genius he did not take into his hand, but with peremptory heed that he should not be for a moment prejudiced by his instruments. 

He lays a ray of light under every fact, and between himself and his dearest property. 

From him nothing was hid, nothing withholden.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

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