Yesterday, in front of four people and the possessed, I performed an exorcism, though no one witnessed the demonic release but me.
Before meeting the afflicted, I was briefed by no fewer than 3 of my staff members (the last one actually crying) as to the nightmare I was about to encounter.
I was a bit behind schedule, as I was attempting to synthesize the 3 page typed letter that chronologically listed every prescription, malady, surgery, as well as for her family members past and present.
I knew who I’d be meeting before I stepped in to examine this “Professionally Sick Person”, as I’ve met this ghoul in various incarnations many times before.
Moments after introducing myself, sans the Crucifix and Rosary beads, I was presented with an endless litany of her demanding preferences, more ailments that she forgot to chronicle, and told of the many stupid and incompetent doctors that had failed her time and time again.
Sitting two feet away, and my eyes locked onto hers, I could begin to feel her release as she unconsciously came to know that she would not be engaging my ego today, but neither would she be controlling the stupid molar mechanic that she had just met. 
After our encounter she did not once again express another ridiculous preference, such as asking me to turn off my computer as the cooling fan was upsetting her sensibilities, but she did inquire how soon she could schedule another treatment appointment.
I’m not “stupid” enough to think that I won’t have to perform maintenance exorcisms going forward, but the more obvious sleepers do more rapidly respond to truth and confidence than another ego that their irrationality is so prepared to battle.  
In the end, all people want is to be Seen, understood and loved, having your defense mechanism as your first line of defense just adds fuel to the fire and connection becomes impossible.

I’m so Proud of Myself, My New Path is Awesome!

The Downward Exhausting Spiral of Playing the Game.

Lefties commiserate with other lefties and believe they have grown.  This provides them a sense of security, safety and kinship but their bond has no potency and they are bound in their blindness by this mechanism.  Like crabs in a barrel if one attempts to reach toward the light, the crabs beneath them will grab them with a claw and put them back in their place.  Drinks after work and bitching about your asshole boss/boyfriend/coworker, does not ease the burden that you carry!

Frustration eventually provides them the “idea” (unconsciously repressed emotion) to try a new external change (mate, job, etc.) as they have no confidence in themselves because they don’t trust or know themselves enough to go inside and win back their Authentic Self.  Focusing on changing the external deferentially to the internal, though beyond irrational, is the socially accepted mode of growth in All areas of our culture, so it’s only “normal” to follow the herd in lockstep.

Their new object elates them for a time, and they will profess that they are,”proud of themselves”,for having the courage for taking a new path (the path fallacy is so overdone!) etc. 

This process repeats over and over in their dealings with others or discordant experiences, and every time they deny their responsibility in the matter, they wall them Selfs off more and more until eventually they’re full time sleepwalkers projecting all responsibility onto others!

Had I not been a napper myself, through my divorce and subsequent failures, and not become vulnerable enough to see myself for my contribution for my mess, I might have chosen to warp the truth and be slumbering right now with the other lefties!  

Never fully asleep, but certainly in relationships my life would have deteriorated, despite my attempts to get others to think differently about me.  Righties don’t need or use crowd control nor do they require commiseration to manipulate others, that’s the full time job of the lefties!


I’m a reasonable and rational….aren’t I?

Having built a nice cozy fire, a friend and myself were attempting to relax after managing 12 rambunctious 9 year olds at an overnight birthday party.  Herding cats is a much less energy intensive operation than trying to keep kids like these focused after the kind of dizzying attention rich birthday party that so many parents think there children yearn for.  

The mixture of pounds of sucrose, glowing neon lawn darts, a trampoline, a custom built back yard zip line, and on and on….isn’t conducive for…well anything other than inducing ADHD.  Attempting to console my friend, who was visibly shaken that the kids weren’t interested in her 12th activity that she had planned, was to no avail.  “How could they not be interested in this?”, she said, “I would have loved this when I was a kid!”  And then the requisite, “I just wanted him to have fun and give him the perfect party!”

Frustration seems to be a chronic affliction for so many children and adults alike.  The adults maintain their childlike frustration mechanism because their parents, and society, continue to feed this egocentric soothing mechanism, and thus it perpetuates the externalized mentality until some adult wakes up and attempts to internalize their life, and assume true responsibility.  This healing concept is so foreign, and rarely entertained as it requires some interior work, not something you can counterfeit like pulling off the perfect wedding or birthday party. 

“Why don’t they do this?”, and “What makes people not think like me?”, is code for I cope, I don’t want to understand, I want others to conform to my reality so my inner turmoil that I have no intention of ever managing will go away.  This mentality leads to many spotless homes, shiny rims and alphabetized Campbell Soup cans, but also to unattended psyches that are incessantly, if not unconsciously, crying for help.  
A commonly accepted modality among the left minded, is to reason with people to get them to “see the light” and “grow”.   Wise people think intelligently and reasonably, I think is their logic.  No one, especially a person driven by their ego, ever makes an important decision on reason alone.  They unconsciously emotionally have already decided and only need locate the confirming data from their external environment to buttress their ever more reasonable, wise and rational, albeit predetermined “choice”.  

Outward Examples of Internal Egocentric Left Brain Dominance

Conspiracy Theory Focused: When an unaware individual does not possess the information required to formulate an explanation that the “Norm” would assume to be an acceptable explanation, their left mind (not suitable for legitimately searching for and synthesizing truths and knowledge) necessarily fills in the gaps to soothe the irrational fear generated by their ego.

Frequent Frustration: the habitual projection of ones needs onto the external environment, causes the unaware to reactively enter into a sympathetic nervous system induced “Flight or Flight” response. This is mediated by left minds’ egocentric adaptive instinctual drive, and is activated when events do not turn out as the individual had hoped or wished for.

Fear of the Unknown and Change: When the future is not easily predictable and ones’ safety and security is perceived to be precarious, fear ensues leading to unpredictable behavior.

Social Control: the externally focused left minded, must control the interactions between their various social relationships.  That is, their persona must be intact and they would never allow others to “think” about them otherwise.  This drives the unaware to manage others through lobbying, cajoling and point by point legalistic pseudo-logic based arguments.


When these phenomena become chronically employed, many left minded individuals will present with mental or physical dis-ease that is the result of the continual release of endogenous corticosteroids and catecholamine release, effectively lowering ones ability to heal while simultaneously taxing their cardiovascular system.

To modulate their loss of psychic energy and the discordant feelings associated with the overwhelm that results from the experience of these phenomena, the egocentric left mind drives the unaware to seek unhealthy, albeit socially acceptable and socially reinforced, venting mechanisms.  

As in all addictions, the adrenergic neurotransmitter dopamine, soothes the unaware individual. However, their egocentrically driven modality of choice, does not socially label them as “bad”, as they themselves necessarily judge those with more socially contemptible predilections.  

In this way they maintain their perceived social status, are relieved of the drudgery of any legitimately vulnerable introspection and maintain their feeling of safety and security as they warp their irrational and often reprehensible behavior.

Synthesis: How Human Sentience is Intended to Operate, and its Failure 

Concepts, or “categories of human understanding”, are contingent upon 

Space and Time for the limits of our human senses, to process experience.  

The Left Minds’ architecture is wired as a serial processor filtering one data stream at a time. 

It perceives details, compares and analyzes individual parts

While the Right Mind Synthesizes the parts into an Integrated whole and processes only in the moment, not linearly or temporally as does the Left Mind.

Space and Time are not concepts themselves, but constructs necessary for our limited human senses to comprehend and structure our experience. 

Space and Time are a priori 

(they exist as a necessary condition for our perceptions and experiences themselves to occur, they provide the construct necessary for our Temporal Left Mind to Function).

        “Thus the objective order of nature and

         the causal necessity that operates within it

         depend on the mind’s processes,

         the product of the rule-based activity.”

                      -Immanuel Kant (1755)

In other words, physical objects that we perceive in our environment, require the mediating construct(s) of Space and Time, for the wiring architecture of our brain to contextually process what our senses provide it.  

The Left Mind analyzes the particulars, and the Right Mind integrates those particulars into the Whole. In this way we Intuitively, and rather effortlessly, synthesize an accurate objective reality of our world and existence.

This process, necessarily requires that the Right Mind lead the Left Mind, to intuit and synthesize an objective view of reality.

The Usurping of our Right Mind, by the Temporal Egocentric Left.

If we succumb to our fears, and unwittingly summon the protective apparatus of our instinctual egocentric Left Mind, we reverse the process in which our Human Sentient apparatus was intended to operate.  

In this process we relenquish our uniquely human endowment of living a consciously intended life, in favor of a lesser reactive animalistic one, as dictated by our unconscious survival instincts.

If our environment supports this phenomenon, and we have no knowledge that we are now expressing as less than human, we can become fixed in this lower state of existence and cope and toil, in lieu of thriving and flowing as we were intended to.


I’m not certain how many times I’ve heard this “Judgement filled external people control technique” Spell Cast, but it’s overuse deafens me and I’m sure its potency has become less than anemic, to those in which this hocus pocus is intended.
“Let’s make good choices kids!”, is uttered incessantly as I pick up my 4 year old daughter from preschool.   All the kids are completely immune to this prescription intended to decrease  the frustration of those who attend to my child and the others.
While I have nothing but the deepest gratitude for the Saints that choose this vocation, I know a Wolf in Sheep’s clothing when I see it.  
Watching joyfully as these fascinating little souls, only trying to fully experience their bodies and imaginations, and then “Choices!” gratingly snaps all creativity and whips us all back into the linear dimension that lefties seem to be so fond of. 
The teachers are not to blame, they only employ techniques given them by those who intend to control the teachers, and on up the line it goes with the most ambitious lefty who sets the rules and thus the culture of the learning environment.  
It’s unbelievably obvious how to remedy this automaton creating system, implementing it is a different story, as tradition, rules and politics deplete the bravest righties among us.