What a Strange Way to Live!

“Men are conscious of their desire and unaware of the 

causes by which their desires are determined.”

“Humans think they are free but they dream with their eyes open″. 

-Burach Spinoza

I live in a world of crazy people, though it is I who they tend to think is mad.  

White is black and black is white.  

I have always put myself out there, risked when few would, did the work and pushed myself through uncomfortable boundaries, while those around me coasted and pointed their finger when I stumbled.  

Responsibility was thrust upon me from my earliest remembrance and I have taken it on more and more, though not always with a smile on my face. 

I know who I am now and I will not take responsibility for others when they choose to don blinders and allow me to think for them.  

I have made mistakes and I readily admit to them, though I can’t remember when last I heard another admit to their proclivities.  

Honesty, through an open and vulnerable heart, is the rarest of commodities, though it is our collective salvation.

To see so many around me deliberately living a lie while I continue to earnestly seek the truth, take the heat and do more than I ever have, can be disheartening at times.  

Remembering that if I place any of my desire on external circumstances, and the slave that makes me, sobers me up in a hurry!

It’s just too painful to continue to live as a counterfeit for me, though nearly all I know do it continually.  

What a strange way of living!  

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