A Light Thought

As one approaches their infinite, or their limitless Self expression, they asymptotically approach the Objective True Reality, in this Space-Time dimensional existence.

The deeper corollary underlying this esoteric state of consciousness, is as an object approaches the Speed of Light, Space disappears and Time ceases to exist.  

Space and Time are merely constructs, employed by our limited sensual perceptions and intelligence, to comprehend our existence.

To accelerate the smallest massive subatomic particle to the Speed of Light, it would require more energy than exists in the Universe (the Singularity).

The Fundamental Force(s), that control and allow for the existence of matter, and the energy that both comprises and allows for the interaction of that matter, are beyond the comprehension of the Effect (Life and Consciousness) of the Force(s) (Cause).

Light has no mass, it exists both inside and outside, of our dimension and temporal existence.

No light, no life!

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