The Forgery:  How?

The How Mentality

If one does not possess access to what is real(ity) and true, the Why,

How do they get their deepest desires and needs met?  

How does one find what they need to soothe their inner dissatisfaction?  

How do I get that?  

How do I decide?  

How do I attain satisfaction, gratification?

How do I get this pain to go away?

One has no choice but to approximate what is real and true in order to soothe their inner turmoil and feeling of lack, their displeasure.

One must find satisfaction outside of themselves in objects in their environment.

When the How is not known, the What doesn’t matter so much, as the Need must be gratified.

The Why Mentality: The Blessings of Human Consciuousness

If one consciously possesses the Why of life, they necessarily know the What and with little effort acquire the How.

If we have the Meaning, life becomes quite effortless, striving and the push we employ from willful discipline is replaced with knowing and thriving!

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