The Challenge of Awareness

The challenges of leadership and increased Self awareness are many, but the key to being effective is to frame each interaction properly so as to maintain ones sense of Self and the internal power that it infers.

Satisfaction can only come from the inside from a recognition of truth by the Self.
The aware cannot count the accolades or the criticisms from the unaware, only the uplifting fruit of the actions of their Art.
The unaware cannot intend so they cast spells to ease their inner turmoil of their own unknowing.  Spells have no truth, they are only an attempt at controlling others awareness, so as to evade the discernment of the aware.
The unaware shirk responsibility and take credit in good times and place blame in challenging times.
The Unaware Guess in life, or they must rely on the opinions of others, for they do not know and would never seek knowledge for themselves, for that is impossible when their ego is in full control.  Ego’s cannot discern the truth so counterfeit truths are used in their stead.
They cannot be present in the moment because their angst, generated by their fear of not knowing, prevents them from maintaining their focus as it is projected externally on the hopes and defense of being right or upon pleasing others.
The price of being unaware and adopting the beliefs of the masses, are manifold and the expression is a reinforcing one and soul killing.
The challenge the aware face is maintaining and growing their internal focus without falling into the trap of becoming cynical and therefore Self defeating.
We are all the same in that we all want to love and be loved, the way we go about it is either real or an approximation of reality.  
The courage to maintain the Self and its center is the fate of consciousness, a trial at times but there is no other way to live.

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