Willing and Flowing, Otto Ranks Concepts of Will

We possess a Dual Capacity of Will, Active Willing and an Effortless Will

Disciplined Willing

Utilitarian Will: that which moves us towards particular objects in a conscious deliberate fashion requiring some effort or intentionality in specific pursuits.

Flow Type Will 

Fluid Receptive Potentiality Will: characterized by a lack of conscious effort, the mind and body seamlessly unselfconsciously joined in totality.  This is an experience of openness where the predominant quality is one of freedom.  Impenetrable and incapable of rational inspection, this is a state of Flow, an openness to the possibilities and potential of the moment. 

Our current Era, is an age of disordered will where Disciplined Willing, traditional and Utilitarian in nature, is brought to bear upon tasks better left to Flow Type Will.

The Consequences of Disciplined Willing

I will knowledge, but not wisdom


I will to go to bed, but not sleeping

I will meekness, but not humility

I will scruples, but not virtue

I will to assert myself, but not courage

I will to lust, but not love

I will to commiserate, but cannot empathize

I will to congratulate, but do not admire 

I will to be religious, but have no faith 

I will to read, but do not understand.

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