“I Like Rules!”

“I like Rules!”, I’ve heard this phrase uttered many times in my life, though I’ve never understood it until recently.  

This is perhaps the most obvious, albeit unconscious, admission of an unaware person preferring others to do their thinking and boundary setting for them.

To the active listener, the speaker is telling us that they are habituated into deliberately discovering what limitations others have placed on them, and what is considered acceptable behavior for any given environment.   

The need to ascertain ones granted liberty, stems from a generalized fear of the unknown and the knowledge of these limits actually calms, soothes and allays anxiety for the rule needy.

This mentality is reinforcing, and progressively hems in the individual, increasing their fears in general.  

Authorities, and other parental type figures, are granted deference over thier own ability to make well thought out decisions and judgements.   

There is no reason to learn for ones Self, as others know better and ones Self continues to be devalued, producing more fear along with no will to gain personal knowledge that itself would actually allay their fears. 

Listening, not to what people want you to hear but what they actually say, is fascinating!  Other examples of an obvious unconscious preferential worldview include, “I’ve been told, “I found myself”, and “They say” (without having a clue who “They” are).

I wonder how many people who have made a significant contribution to this world have ever uttered, “I like Rules”.

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