Human Polarity

“With light poise and counterpoise, nature oscillates within her prescribed limits, 

yet thus arise all the varieties and conditions of the phenomena which are 

presented to us in space and time,”

-Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

To be Human is to exist at the intersection between the physical and the psycho-spiritual realms.  Our evolutionary leap to our current level of sentient consciousness, has endowed we humans with a strong urge to know, to create and to imagine.  

These motivations drive man to shape his environment as he wills it, as opposed to less aware animals that adapt to the environments in which they find themselves in.  

To survive life must adapt to the changing conditions of its environment, but as man has advanced in human consciousness and the technology and comforts that it has spawned (for most of humanity), the impact of the environment lessens as a stimulus for necessary adaptive change.

This phenomena creates an imbalance in the polar influences that motivate and drive human behavior.  Though many prefer to attribute our current state of affairs to the relative good or bad choices of ourselves and others, the balance of the influences both internal and external, on our individual and collective expression is the true culprit.

Polarity, as it relates to human expression, is the oppositional tension that motivates all human behavior. This Polarity is created by the antithetical nature and influences of our uniquely human Creative Impulse/Force and our animalistic Adaptive/Survival Instinct. 

Most of us think that we make choices and behave according to our reasonable, logical and rational thoughts and decisions.  In fact we resonate within a range of potential expression, ranging from animalistic, automatic and unaware, to very creative, deliberate and aware.

We employ reason and logic to organize and control our experience, unfortunately most often to the exclusion of our more esoteric human endowment of consciousness and higher levels of awareness and discernment.

We are products of our own unique genetic blueprint, our experiences and the environment we find ourselves in.  We are truly energy at our most fundamental level, energy that has taken a physical form and that is now consciously aware of itself.  

Though we like to think that our sensual and analytical abilities are the end all in our search for understanding our world, we are very limited and in fact unwittingly limit ourselves, when we focus on measuring and describing things with words and numbers.  We employ these modalities because we must to survive, to maintain our physical body, and because we are instructed and rewarded, both individually and socially, for doing so.

This source of the polar nature of human behavior, can be traced anatomically to the gelatinous mass that lives betwixt our ears.  The periphery of our brain, or the cerebrum, is divided into two very different and polar hemispheres that are connected by a dense network of nerve fibers (Corpus Collosum) that allows for the communication and collaboration between the two.  

As Frederick Nietzsche, and others have pointed out, we live in a very (left brain) Apollonian world.  We do love our reason, logic and the technological progress that it produces, and reward the most reasonable among us.  The unreasonable man is mostly shunned and looked down upon by the masses, though it is that very unreasonable nature (Dionysian), that makes us human and allows for higher thought, art, love and human spiritual advancement.

The Poles

Adaptive Instinct Characteristics (Left Brain)

Animalistic: Instinctual, the smaller the cerebral hemisphere of animal, the more it relies on instincts to survive.  

Egocentric: focuses on the benefits of itself, survival, security and the safety of the self is its primary concern.  The left brain separates self from non-self physically and reinforces those boundaries.

Materialist: considers the material world preeminent to the spiritual realms. The left brain senses the physical real world and promotes our physical survival.

Reason (Reasonable): a human function employed to organize and control experience.  Reason is a logical and analytical left brain process.  Employed in the Scientific Method and very useful in understanding our physical world and material phenomena.  It is the basis of ethics, laws, rules, and the predominant means through which humans communicate and interact socially and culturally.  

Rational (Rationality): based on or in accordance with reason logic, able to think clearly, sensibly and logically.

Creative Force Characteristics (Right Brain)

Self-expression: expression of ones psycho-spiritual self and ones unique gifts and talents.  The right brain produces art, music, dance, poetry, and the like.

Spiritual: of, relating to, or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.  The right brain senses the interconnectedness of all things, all is one.

Unreasonable: not guided or based on good sense, beyond the limits of acceptable or fairness.

Irrational (Irrationality): not logical or reasonable.  The right brain is intuitive, and thus cannot be studied by the analytical methods of the left brain.  It sees the whole absent the compartmentalization and discrimination of the left brain.

Transrational: beyond the rational; of a scope superseding yet including the rational.


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