Two Minds

Our Two Minds

The Right Mind: A Parallel Processor, Spiritual, Meaning, Connection, Eternal 

Functions: Meaning, Connection to Nature, Lucid Memory, Interconnectedness, In The Now, Big Picture

The Left Mind: Serial Processor, Space-Time Physical Survival

Functions: Logical Predictions, Temporal Autopilot, Little Pictures, Limits and Defines, Brain Chatter, Ego, Predicting How We Should Feel, Act, and Do;  Compares to Others, Judgement of Value.

We are both spiritual beings and physical beings, infinite and finite, creative and passive; this dichotomy is the primary source of all human Joy and Pain.  All of the thoughts thought, the words written and not written, the love given and not given, are all directly related to the seeming paradox of our dual minds and our endowed human consciousness that bridges the gap between the animal and the Creator.

Both of our antithetically functioning brain hemispheres are required to fully function as a human being.  Absent our physical self, driven and supported by our left mind, our ability to maintain the activities of daily living, nutrition and maintaining our bodily health would be severely limited.  No left mind, and we could never hope to experience the deeper awareness, intelligence and creativity that our right mind so yearns for.

It is the oppositional tension, made manifest by the polar differences of our mind(s), that creates both the challenges and the blessings of what it means to be human.  Denying either mind, to the exclusion of the other, is the source of all dis-ease and pain in this world, both individually and collectively.

Because most of us live the vast majority of our lives, with the left mind fully in the drivers seat, we to tend pay little heed to the more esoteric leanings of our right mind.  We have so many things we “Must” do to make our lives more pleasant and pleasurable, putting the time and energy into our spiritual existence seems a bit of a waste, if not a fools errand.  What we can physically see and tangibly experience is all that really matters, not the things we can’t see or touch.

The right mind is our lens into the beautiful world of the eternal, meaning and in fact the pathway to our very soul!  Time invested in developing our right mind pays dividends that no amount of money or wealth could ever approach.  As our right mind grows in its influence and control of our existence, we begin to See things we never saw before, things only the right mind can See.  Our experiences are broader, wider and more meaningful as the connection of all, and to all things develops.  Learning becomes not only fun but it energizes us, the striving and the willful discipline we once prided ourselves on fades away as the passion of living replaces it.

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