I’m out of the super hero business

Not long ago, and for most of my life, I assumed the role of a superhero of sorts.  Having been unconsciously thrust into the role as a child, I grew to like and even became dependent on my membership in the “Justice League”.  Now I’ve deliberately hung up my cape and tights, sans the retirement income, though in times of trouble, I do find the nearest phone booth, lose my spectacles and don my snug leotards for the sake of those in need.

Many of those who I used to regularly save, have explicitly told me to retire time and again, though unwittingly they still require me to assume the role of savior to be acceptable to them.  In the end those I rescued, having noticed too many chinks in my armor, have found new hero’s, or are chronically in the process of searching for their next savior to both worship and scorn.  Being a victim is a cottage industry, mostly because its insanely ubiquitous yet so few are even aware of its existence, or their own vocation.

Just because one is born with x-Ray vision doesn’t require them to use their gift is for the many, the higher calling is the focused, intentional and judicious use of ones super powers.  Clark Kent had this all figured out long ago; help those who truly need it, steer clear of kryptonite and do it all incognito.  I’m not a big fan of those birth control glasses, but they do prevent unwanted……

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