Self-Conscious or Conscious-of-Self?

The Phenomenon of Human Consciousness results in these two contradictory phenomena that lower animals and life forms do not experience. 

A plant is what it is, it manifests its essence and only varies and adapts to the environment it finds itself in and the nutrients it has access to.  

A cat isn’t concerned about what others think about its second or third chin, only about satiating the feeling of hunger and want of shelter on a cold day.

We humans think about what others think about us, and we possess creative desires that drive our behavior.  

This fosters a tension that is the Human Experience.

We can think about our thinking!  This is both a blessing and a burden, but we can transform our place between the animal and spiritual realms into one of meaning and purpose if we summon the courage from what lies within.

Self-Consciousness is driven by our adaptive instinct and motivates us to fit in, to conform, to be acceptable and therefore to be accepted and ultimately loved.  

The concept known as the ego, unconsciously steers us to look outside towards others for our example of who we should emulate in hopes that it will provide us with what we think we need.  

We judge, compare, criticize, blame and even idolize other lessened self-expressions in our environment, in an attempt to determine how we should express our Self.

Though our motivating intention is only to be accepted and loved, our adaptive instinct emanating from our residual animal instinct, cannot intend as it has no access to our higher human endowment of consciousness, only from which, wisdom, truth, beauty and love can be recognized and expressed.  

The challenge we face lies in summoning the courage required to break free from the chains of the false sense of security that the ego, via the adaptive instinct presents to us.  

Though it seems so true, in reality this is only a veneer, a veil draped over what is real and true. 

We are but human, and though we think we can choose our own path as we will it, in reality we operate in a limited linear Space-Time dimension, vacillating between the poles of full self-expression (Universal, Creative Impulse or Force) and false-self-expression (Animal, Adaptive Instinct).  

Our instinctual tendency pulls us, with great temerity, to deny our self and to assimilate the values and behavior of the masses.  

To truly individuate, we must initially expend large amounts of our willful psychic energy, and humbly become vulnerable as to loosen the grip of the ego and the Adaptive instinct that fuels it.  

This can be an exceedingly arduous process as we rarely have much support or validation externally in our initial efforts.

Both our ego and our Instinctual drive are located within the confines of our left cerebral hemisphere of our brain.  This dualistic nature of we humans is literally an anatomically distinct entity lying in our skull and centrally connected by a vast array of neuronal connections (Corpus Collosum).  

These two brains drive both our physical survival and our spiritual need for meaning.  Paradoxically the brains oppose each other, but both are required for our full human life experience.

Consciousness-of-Self, is driven by our uniquely human Creative Impulse, or Force, that drives us to individuate as an unique Self.  

As we develop, we grow in Self-confidence of our own abilities we realize a growing awareness of our true Self.  

Inherent in the concept of growth, is the idea that we experientially learn, resulting in knowledge of the truth about our Self, our world and our relation to it.  

Because the world is disproportionately populated by individuals in the “Default” Instinctual Realm, expressing as an individual Self requires much deliberateness and courage.  

Outliers, though lauded when they attain fame and fortune, are not welcomed in a world that demands conformity.

Those who possess a strong sense of Self, and the sense of purpose that that endows them with, can possess their true Self and contribute to the collective by gifting the world with their Art.  

We all have an unique Art to share and delight in, and as we master our Art we develop our right creative and universal brain.  

Our view, our perspective, our awareness and our discernment of the world, and our self and experiences heighten in their profundity. 

We See where we once guessed and hoped and strove to succeed.  

We no longer toil, we thrive with little effort as the right brain and its ability to See the interconnectedness of all things, the soul and the infinite, fuels our Art!


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