Matter and Human Psychodynamics


As is all matter, like its underlying form of energy, humans are subject to the laws of the universe that we find ourselves in.  Though we possess the ability to choose our own thoughts and actions, reason and rationality plays a much smaller part in our decisions and choices, than we suppose.  We are limited in this Space-Time dimension, as we are manifestations of energy made conscious by its’ conversion into mass.  This phenomenon allows us to perceive energy as real and tangible, via our human senses.  

In our universe, force fields of many sorts bathe us and all that is, providing three dimensional super highways for energy to be regulated, interact with other energy and matter, and to be converted into physically perceptible matter.  Most of these fields are not perceptible by us and we haven’t a clue of what stuff they consist of.  The force particle that manifests as the Higgs field has been isolated however.  

The Higgs field converts energy by slowing it down and thereby transforming it into massive particles that are the foundation for all of the elements that make up our universe.  If we could find a control switch and flipped it to off, all that is would instantaneously vanish from our perception (as would we), as all matter would transform back into to the energy of which it is composed.

Psychodynamics: Drive Theory

As a result of the oppositional tension, made manifest by our two complimentary but contradictory psychic motoring drives, an intensifying net positive or net negative charge accumulates along a gradient (in favor of our residual animalistic Adaptive Instinct or in favor of our uniquely consciously endowed Creative Force), of our dynamic psychic energy system.  

Our temporal “human experience” is itself made possible by this antithetical, and seemingly paradoxical “tug of war” between these two powerful motivational drives, as we humans bridge the gap between the reactive animal realm and the creative spiritual realm.  

Humans are endowed with a sentience that both gifts us with a consciousness-of-Self and burdens us with being Self-conscious.  The former propels us to actualize our True-Self to its fullest expression, the latter to conform and deny our unique contribution in favor of an apparent, albeit a false sense of safety and security.

The wisdom of our conscious awareness, offset by the our strong belief in the pre-eminence of the material, necessarily binds the less aware to the concerns of this temporal existence.  Conversely, the impulse to fully self-actualize, while providing us with confidence, flow experiences and heightened levels of awareness, does inhibit our need for social interaction and gratifying relationships.

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