Hug Me!

I recently met with a person whom I love very much.  We hugged and I held her close and tight, it wasn’t a compulsory hug, but rather a real one.  She mentioned that she’d heard hugs were therapeutic and we should be holding the hug for at least 15 seconds.  I’d mentioned I’d studied oxytocin release quite a bit and began to explain the pituitary mechanism when…I was interrupted by a another voice exclaiming…

“I was told you’re supposed to hug 6 times a day like that!”………

This phenomenon, is something I notice constantly, from the president of a board I was serving on professing we need to pray for 7 minutes, to people arguing over how many “Habits” there were in that book by that famous bald guy.  

It’s not the technique, it’s the intention!   

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