Are you in your Right Mind?

Yin-Yang, Chi, Meditation, Chakras, Spiritual Practice, Religion, Philosophy, Psychology, Flow Experiences, Self-Actualization, Transpersonal Psychology, Positive Psychology, ……

All of these methodologies seek the same thing; peace, well-being, happiness, love, joy, bliss, contribution….

We spend all of our time, literally, trying to wrap our heads around all of this, or we try to believe it doesn’t matter and we sleep.  I’ve personally studied and tried them all, but when it all comes down to it, it’s all about a few fundamental key realizations.

*Nothing outside yourself can truly provide for you, nothing!  To the extent you live in the external realm, you will be less human, as that part of you is not accessible to you.  It is accessible to your animal egocentric left mind, but not to your loving human right mind.

*By retaining most of you (consciousness), your right mind automatically heightens your awareness of you and the world.  The right mind doesn’t strive, it needs no techniques or discipline, and it doesn’t require rote memorization to get you where you think you wanna go.   

*Thats it!


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