The Actual Physical Ego: Edit

The defense of our Adaptive Instinct is an actual physical thing, it is an entity and despite our societally assumed beliefs to the contrary, reason and rationality alone do not dictate our behavior, in fact we are wired in such a way that we are actually feeling beings that think after the fact.  Our Limbic System receives sensory information first!  Only after this physical “feeling” neural pathway has completed its pathway (circuit), do we apply our personal world view and reason to experience.  

Over time, by applying our deliberate focused awareness (via our Right Mind), we can come to subdue the circuitry of our irrational animalistic reactivity to our feelings.  This is not a technique applied on top of what we can not change.  This is an internal rewiring that only our Right Mind can accomplish, sans the striving after some set of virtuous values or our attempts at being what we or society defines as “a good person”!

There is a small group of cells in our verbal mind (left mind, temporal lobe) that are totally resourceful in their ability to run our loops of doom and gloom. These cells tap into our negative attributes of jealousy, fear, self-righteousness and rage. 

This is the brain area that chatters as an inner monologue, that to one degree or another, usurps our focus and places it outside of the present moment.  This is our Ego, the seat of our cognitive Adaptive Instinct that we either listen to, or consciously quiet.  It’s function is to power us through times in our life when we experience emotional intensity that is beyond our psyches ability to cope with.

Our Ego is active when we are whining, blaming, complaining, and sharing with everyone about how awful everything is, or commiserating.  (The whole misery loves company thing).  

Our Persona, or what Carl Jung called the part of ourselves that we agree to show the world, is mediated here and with overuse and lack of awareness, we can come to believe the Rantings of this chatter and effectively go onto Autopilot.  

The key is always to increase our conscious awareness of our “essential developing true-self” (Goethe’s Urphanomen, or Primary Phenomenon, located in our Right Mind).  

In this way, and in this way only, we keep true to our Self while allowing the healing nature of our own being to rewire our unhealthy parts, and reintegrate our lost-self.  

Striving, strategizing, and scheming are functions of the left mind, and as such are under the auspices of the Ego which reactively seeks to control our inner and outer world.  

The Right mind, lives only in the now and seeks to unite all things and connect them into one accepting overall mindset.  With the right mind, their is no striving, toil, or want to control anything, only similarities and recognition of the truth is processed there.

In this culture and at this point in time, the vast majority operate primarily on autopilot due to the emphasis on the pleasures and things in the external world. 

This pleasure seeking and other counterfeit distractions, is a result of a denial of our true-self in favor of conforming to what we think is real in the external world.  When we are directed by our ego, we look to other external examples for our measure of who we should be and how to gratify our human needs of love and acceptance.  

Driven by our ego and fueled by our natural left mind, the Adaptive Instinct (intended only for our survival in emergency situations) pulls our psyche out of balance (homeostasis), creating a net negative charge along the polarized gradient that we all are subject to as energetic beings.

This tension manifests in anxiety, angst or restless impulses that must be vented to allow us to feel “normal” again.  Though this is only a replacement for true organic homeostasis, as neurosis is just a replacement for true existential suffering.

Maintaining ones center and awareness can be challenging, as there are few to glean true knowledge from.  This requires a reliance and a level of personal responsibility that buttresses our awareness and synergies our growth. 

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