The Actual Physical Ego

The defense of our Adaptive Instinct is an actual physical thing, it is an entity that despite our beliefs to the contrary, that reason and rationality alone dictates our behavior, we are feeling beings that think after the fact.  

Our Limbic System receives sensory information first!  Only after this physical “feeling” neural pathway has completed its pathway (circuit), do we apply reason to experience.  

Over time, by applying our deliberate focused awareness (via our Right Mind), we can come to subdue the circuitry of irrational animalistic reactivity to our feelings.  This is not a technique applied on top of what we can not change.  This is an internal rewiring that only our Right Mind can accomplish, sans the striving after some set of virtuous values or our attempts at being “a good person”!

There is a small group of cells in our verbal mind (left mind) that are totally resourceful in their ability to run our loops of doom and gloom. These cells tap into our negative attributes of jealousy, fear, self-righteousness and rage. 

They thrive when they are whining, blaming, complaining, and sharing with everyone about how awful everything is, or commiserating.  (The whole misery loves company thing)

Finding the balance between observing our circuitry and engaging with our circuitry is essential for our healing. 

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