Powering Up and Powering Down: The Egocentric Cycle of living

Powering Down: (Full Reactive Mode)

The Ego assumes full control, as our perceived psychic overwhelm requires that we check out until external conditions stabilize.  

Powering Up: The Ego Readies Us to Begin Again:

When we reemerge, our energy reserves are such that we can re-employ our automatic neural loops of behavior that have provided us with the appearance of success and happiness in the past.  The Ego chatters away about out past successes and our superiority to others, and we follow the cheers.

We can once again glean enough energy from external sources to power through our lives with the techniques and discipline we’ve found helpful in the past.

But that damn chatter!  
What did she look at me like that for?  

Doesn’t he know I’ve already tried that?  

Do I have to do everything around here?

I’ll be there when I’ll be there!!!

Powering Down………….

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