Smelling what you’re Selling!

To be a great salesperson, first and foremost we must have full awareness of and access to our own Primary Phenomenon, or true-self.  Absent possessing our own Self, we will never have access to any other true-selfs, and our success will always be lessened despite any external success that we may be so proud of.  Possessing all of our self without reacting to the fits and dramas that the left minded throw at us, allows full access to the range of innate gifts and knowledge we have amassed.  Mental Ninjas don’t give away their powerful weapons so easily as the egocentric left mind must.

Second, we cannot effectively communicate or work with anybody in any capacity, until we are granted access to their inner world.  We See them when we know ourselves and while this is not something we can measure, it is more real than all the data in the world.  The other usually lets others in when their right mind Inuits the recognition of two souls.  The more left minded a person is, the thicker the walls we must penetrate to help them See we See them.  This is best done one on one, as the peculiar vernacular of the social world is exclusively left of center.

Guessing, playing the odds and generalizing with a one-sized fits all approaches fails the left mind time and again.  To compensate for these failures, the left minded strategize and scheme up never ending techniques to increase their chances of selling what they’re selling.  Reason and talking people into anything only substantiates a buying decision, it never is determinative of one.  In sales, which we all our constantly doing whether we’re aware of it or not, it’s all internal and about connecting emotionally and intuitively, not about closing!

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