Photographic Memory

I’ve not studied this phenomenon to any appreciable degree, but since I live with it, I think I can opine on the subject.  In the end it’s really a generalized mnemonic filing system, orchestrated by the right brain, filtered through a pretty accurate lens of reality (non-corrupted) through the Limbic system.  

Good, consistent and integrated storage leads to correct and a speedy recall that is both lucid and accurate in its synthesis of past and current experiences.

The phenomenon of eidetic, or photographic memory, is not truly as most people suppose, it’s more of a learnable process than a gift per se.

It’s useful in many areas of life, and more than a jaw dropping party trick that’s lots of fun, but in the end tends to isolate me as the left minded cannot relate to this ability.

The right mind interconnects and integrates the particular into the whole, into the universal.

Memory with attached emotion, is first processed in various structures of the limbic system and stored in the cerebral cortex.

As an individual is able to maintain their right brain in the drivers seat of their life, they can easily integrate the parts into the whole, sans the chatter of the ego and the fear that projects ones focus onto the external.  Focus is mandatory when it comes to memory and sensory integration.

I’ve found that in stressful times in my life, my memory worsens as my adaptive instinct goes into survival mode, and my left mind steps in to take over as I process discordant information (albeit more slowly).  Once integrated I’m faster than before.

No Nikon up there snapping shots, though the right mind does think in pictures, while the left in language.  A pictures worth a thousand words, a words just worth a….word?

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