Salt of the Earth

This diagram represents a construct for our minds to comprehend the elements of Sodium and Chlorine, two very common elements.

Sodium (Na) and Chlorine (Cl) are illustrated showing that their outer electron shell of both elements is incomplete. 

Both elements have room for eight electrons but Na is missing 7 and Cl is missing 1.

The fact that Na is so far away from completing its external shell, and that Cl has a nearly complete shell, makes them very angry and needy and therefore both are highly reactive!

Place Na is water and it goes into a fitful reaction, interacting with water and releasing Hydrogen leading to explosions!

Chlorine is most deadly, as it burns up lungs when breathed in and is toxic to all biological cells.

Both Na and Cl are toxic to life itself, tearing apart water and destroying cells that make up living beings.

When this needy pair finds finds each other, they bond immediately!  Table Salt is formed! 

Their bond is a weak one though, just put them in some water and they separate!

All elements are forms of energy, transformed into mass by the Higgs field, via the “God Particle”.

The hundred or so elements that make up this universe are held together by the Electrostatic Force and act like little magnets that attract or repel one another.

When different elements or compounds come together, these tiny magnets interact positively, negatively or relatively neutrally.

Wait a tic!  That means we’re made up of these little magnets that do the same thing?  

It’s nice to know that we humans are endowed with a higher conscious awareness that allows us to create and will our behavior thought and actions to rise above such mindless reactive behavior.šŸ˜‰ 

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