The Singularity is coming! 

My friend has been fascinated over the emerging technologies in the field of nanotechnology.  The brilliant inventor and writer Ray Kurzweil, speaks of a “Singularity”, where man and machine will fuse and elevate us into the next phase of human evolution.  
My friend and I emailing each other:

My Friend

As I read these books on what the future will offer us, in terms of life extension, I get excited. There are so many cool biotechnologies that will be arriving soon which will allow us options to live comfortably and allow us to make choices that will keep us forever young. Its already happening and will rapidly become a reality over the next 20-25 years. 

Some of things that we will be able to do: 

Go on a VR (Virtual Reality) Vacation and feel/sense everything that you would normally experience is a reality vacation. 

Be able to stay under water for 4 hours without scuba gear. 

Sleep is optional. 

Obesity is non existent. 

There will be a whole new set of Olympics that will include Bio/Nano Enhanced Athletes that will be breaking all sorts of records. There will still be the “Natural” Olympics however, most people will be watching the Enhanced Athlete Olympics. 

You will be able to dictate the age in which you wish to look. 

The prediction is that as you increase longevity, the technology will catch up to the point that you will have the option to live forever with the advancements in nanotechnology. 

I am looking forward to celebrating our 100th anniversary! It will be an all out bash.

Me: Redneck Molar Mechanic

Wow, those technologies sound awesome!  I’m sure telomere manipulation, by the nanobots, or stem cell technologies will have a role to play with much of those enhancements.

The things that you mention, make me wonder if our life enhancing technologies, truly enhance life.  It seems to me that the focus on the external world, that science has buttressed, has only made most humans more disassociated from themselves and other people.  I’m not a cynic, I’m just looking at the big picture.  With the rampant depression and an ever increasing isolation of the collective, does the external deference we bestow onto technology elevate us or hinder our life experiences?

I would say, for the masses who project their focus onto the material world, that no technology does not elevate, but hinders the meaning and profundity of life.  For the aware person, in the vastly smaller minority, technology can enhance experience as they are aware.  For the unaware the experience itself, is what is important, not the lesson and knowledge gleaned from it, as the unaware cannot synthesize, only deconstruct things. 

I also think that the troubles that human face, and the associated pain and temporal nature of human existence, is what gives this whole Space-Time dimension life, meaning!  The significance of events and of living is diminished if we become immortal.  There is always more time, and pleasure becomes the replacement for meaning, although after some time pleasure (as in addiction) becomes more and more difficult to acquire.

Just my thoughts

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