Why the Left resents the Right

The ability of the right mind to learn so quickly, frustrates the left mind.

The left still categorizing pieces by shape, sides, and corners, processes novel experiences much more slowly than the right.

The left, noticing the right has already finished, becomes frustrated at the right.

With no higher intuitive apparatus, the left must explain the rights abilities.  

This is where the lefts storyteller and missing knowledge gap mechanism enters the picture.

The left mind now unwittingly warps the truth, as resentments build towards the right.

The right

It integrates truthful information

It accurately predicts as it learns

It has the questions already prepared in advance

It has harnessed the left brains analytical skills 

When it finds, discerns, the piece of the puzzle it needs, it goes searching (or conceiving) the next piece.

The left gets frustrated, the right attempts to show the left the way, but ego’s separate. 

The right minded too can become frustrated, as their left mind unconsciously projects their right mind mode of thinking onto others (this is a fools errand!).  

This is the result of an immature lack of awareness and illustrates that the left mind still has control of the psyche of the fledgling right minded individual.

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