Egocentristic Manifestations of the Analytical Left Mind, and of Our World

The left mind thinks in language that is needed to communicate in the external world, and thus necessarily projects importance onto objects and things outside of its’ Self.  It seeks to control and manage its physical environment deferentially to the internal one.  People and objects are organized and managed according to the percieved wants and needs of the egocentric left mind.

External Locus and Focus

The left mind employs whatever information it has to fabricate conclusions.  

It Survives, Copes

The left mind fills in the blanks when information is lacking.  

It Fabricates

The left mind believes its own stories as Truth. 

It Needs to be “Right”, but rarely is!

The left mind creates loops (circuits) that allow it to function on 

It is on Autopilot, it believes in magic and casts spells, in lieu of legitimate thinking, communication and feeling.

The left mind guesses, and defers to the external, to authorities and though it seeks to protect us and provide us with security, it provides us and our loved ones with the antithesis, as it has no access to knowledge.

The left mind lies without knowing it. 

It is Unaware and Unconscious

The left mind needs to be right but doesn’t seek to clarify its inconsistent thinking. 

The False-Self Separates and Fears Change

The left mind contains the False-self, or the Ego, 

The right mind the Authentic-Self.

The left mind resents, gets offended, worries, theorizes worst case scenarios, it is vindictive.  

It is Egocentric, looks out and clearly defines the false-self

The left mind cannot interpret more profound nonverbal communication.  

It Relies on Semantics, is Legalistic, Cannot Discern Truth, Needs Guidance from Rules, Construct and Authorities.  

It is Often Start-Struck, only the chosen Few are blessed, unless they disappoint them and then they will be judged as egoists.

The left mind lacks empathy and intuition, so it relies on reason and rationality, two things it attempts to approximate, but  with great inconsistency.  Virtue and Values are externally modeled and sought by the left mind.

The Left Mind Is Insensitive, and externally toils after unattainable virtue.

The left mind upsets the innocent sensibilities of the right mind, alienating it, 

The Right Mind Is Sensitive.

The left mind mindset is the default position for human beings.

The left mind is overwhelmingly the predominant mindset in the world, and to express otherwise is very challenging. This and the leftists alienation of the right mind mentality reinforces the left mindset and perpetuates this thinking in our children.  

Society is Left Minded, as is Education

The left mind is externally focused with minimal effort put forth

It is technique based.

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