Everyone’s life experience is their own and so many variables exist to flavor or make anyone’s experience bland.  The concept of neurosis, or minor mental illness, is characterized by assuming too much responsibility for others and in general taking responsibility for things one could never truly be responsible for.  This hyper-responsibility, robs the individual of energy and resources that they require for maintaining their own mental health and psychic homeostasis.  

While I know Only too well the idea of neurosis, and the resulting effects of assuming too much responsibility for others, I do not know a time in my life that any other did not tacitly yet explicitly from my vantage, cast their responsibilities onto me.  The reasons for this are multi-factorial, but in the end, try as I may, I have not met a soul that comprehends the concept of responsibility as do I. The ironic thing, and the thing that drives me crazy, is that the exact opposite sentiment is held by those that shirk their responsibility as they unconsciously project theirs onto me.
The blindness that egocentrism causes in the afflicted is incredibly profound, though they truly believe their vision remains 20/20.  It requires extreme levels of vigilant awareness to protect oneself against the scourge that the many will never knows exists.  It’s so easy to fall prey to the spells that are meant to lull us into a quiet slumber, thank god I’m an insomniac!

4 thoughts on “Insomnia”

    1. Yes! 4:03 sounds about right, though 3:37 was the time my inner alarm clock buzzed for me this morning. I haven’t been able to find a damn Snooze Button, despite my angst to do so! Haha

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