Socially Acceptable Addictions

Common self soothing mechanisms employed by the egocentric left mind. 

Excessive time and psychic energy is expended on controlling and managing ones’ external environment and these activities are employed to offset their negative polar charge imbalances.

All are “Socially Acceptable Addictions”, and in this sense, are employed to unconsciously suppress legitimate existential thought and the discordant feelings associated with them.  The adaptive instinct, mediated by the ego, directs such activities.

Cleaning and tidying and other perfunctory tasks

To do lists: making them and completing them



Maintaining an active (non or pseudo-demanding) social calendar

Commiserating with the like minded and gossip

Household projects

Spectator Sports: Passive Activity

Pleasure seeking activities 

Reading (for entertainment or to reinforce adopted beliefs)

Planning that is centered around maintaining predictable security

Consulting with those that they deferentially project their power onto

Activities that are Avoided

These add to inner turmoil and increase polar imbalances, as they stimulate the right mind and the creative force.

Novel experiences

Reading or learning for growth

Being Alone

Engaging in introspection or with those that have different opinions

Creative activities 

Risk taking: (Comfort Zone maintained)

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