The difficulty of the Human Experience!

Paradox, Outside Logic:  “Ship of Theseus” 

As presented by Plutarch, in the late first century

Questioning whether a ship repaired over time by replacing each of its wooden parts would remain the same ship.  This basic paradoxical idea has been contemplated by many philosophers since, and in variations before Plutarch, and thier answers tend to reveal their underlying paradigm of human nature.  This thought experiment is “a model for the philosophers”; some say, “it remained the same,” some saying, “it did not remain the same”.

My Answer:


No! , There exist too many variables in the materials and the construction that the ship was repaired with to make its’ essential character the same ship.


Then again, at a fundamental level, all material objects are but various derivatives of energy that has been transformed into a physical manifestation by the Peculiarities of this space-time dimension.  


There would have to be varying amounts of that energy in the repaired ship, so from an analytical left mind point of view, No!, the ship would be different.  

From a right mind perspective it could be the same, as the ship is fundamentally energy and the whole, not the parts, are significant, so Yes!, it’s the same ship.

Guiding Consciousness

If the same essential characteristics, that made the original ship the original ship, were used as a guide for the repairs, including the original sentience that guided it’s original intention?, then Yes, it’s the same ship.

But if that persons consciousness changed, which it is bound to do over time, then No!  

If the Consciousness is completely under the control of the Instinctual drives, and therefore suspended in limbo, it is theoretically conceivable that it could be the same ship, so Yes!

The Human body is completely replaced every ten years, but biological systems are self regenerating and guided by an inner intelligence, and as such retain their Essentiality, whereas inanimate objects have no inner guide, but the intention of a human consciousness, that intended the essential ship, like a true piece of art provides the for the essential nature of the repaired ship, but only if its’ Consciousness is static. So…….

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